Emergency Services

A full range of pre-hospital medical assistance services

europ assistance

call0861-RESCUE (0861 737 283) 24 hours

Europ Assistance SA is recognised as a preferred supplier of 24-hour emergency services, medical resources, trauma counselling and general health support. A single point of contact puts you in touch with innovative, personalised support solutions, including a national network of medical and emergency service providers, designed to make life haealthier, safer and more convenient.

Two dynamic services offered by Europ Assistance South Africa to Imperial Motus Med members are the Personal Health Advisor and Emergency Medical Services  Both these services are available on one easy-to-remember number: 0860 RESCUE (0861 737 283)


Telephonic Assistance
Personal Health Advisor

Personal Health Advisor (PHA) is a 24-hour healthcare service providing members with unlimited access to professional telephonic guidance and support from experienced nurses, in the language of their choice.

Assistance includes everything from emergency medical advice and trauma counselling to general assessment, referrals and home care advice. The service has proven cost reduction benefits due to a decrease in unnecessary doctor and emergency room visits.

Ambulance Services
Emergency Medical Services

This service provides access to an independent network of roughly 5,000 emergency medical personnel ready to respond to all levels of medical emergencies, anywhere in South Africa.

Our Emergency Medical Response Service (EMS) is available 24/7/365 and is manned by medical professionals. In the event of a medical emergency, trained paramedics will assess each situation and dispatch the most appropriate medical response transportation via air or by road.