Oncology Benefit Management Programme

The Oncology Programme is specifically designed to effectivly manage cancer patients. The primary function of the Programme is to pre-authorise oncology treatment and to interact with oncologists regarding treatment plans for cancer patients. The ultimate objective is to ensure that patients receive the care they require and to optimise the oncology expenditure within their medical scheme's benefits. The Programme includes member education, the promotion of wellness and pre-authorisation which grants access to medicine and hospital benefits.

If diagnosed with cancer, contact the Scheme immediately in order to assist you with the registration process on the Oncology Programme, and for us to manage all the related services you or your dependant might require. The Oncology treatment schedule and script should be provided to the Scheme as soon as possible on 0860 467 374 or [email protected]. All oncology-related consultations, treatment, chemotherapy and medication are paid from the Oncology Benefit limit as per the Scheme rules.

Momentum Health Solutions

call0860 467 374

email[email protected]

Specialist care coaches

Specialised Medical Advisors who pre-authorise oncology treatment

Assess medication

Provide clinical advice

Guidance and counselling

Referral to support groups

Scheme benefits

Most types of cancer are covered under prescribed minimum benefits (PMB), this offers complete coverage as long as it complies with legislation. The specialist care coach can advise on these requirements.

For non-PMBs the specialist care coach can advise on availability of Scheme benefits.

Oncology Brochure

Information Sheets